1 Way to Make the Most of Your Moments

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Living a purposeful life is not just measured in time—but in how we live our moments. What choices do we make? How can we choose well?

My husband drove our van down a country road at the time of night where trees almost match the pitch sky. In a moment, the gas pressure went out. No vroom. No wheels turning with force. Nothing. He sat stranded in the middle of black.

But then.

A small family lives on the isolated road. They saw the lights of the van, stopped their quiet evening (I imagine getting ready for bed on a school night), and threw on jackets to see if they could help. The husband pulled out his truck that towered against our people-mover, hooked up an industrial-looking chain, and towed our clunker home.

This stranger was a momentary hero.

He looked at the moment and chose to do what was best.

And I think we all want to be momentary heroes. We want to fully embrace the here-and-now and be the kind of people that chose what’s best.

But how do we make the most of our moments when we feel the constant pressure of getting things done?

We choose.

We make a choice how to live each moment.

In Luke Chapter 10 we see two people choose how to best use their moments: the parable of the Good Samaritan and retelling of Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet (story of Mary and Martha). From these stories, I think it’s clear:

We make the most of our moments when we make the most of Christ in our moments.

1. We posture our hearts to be aware of Jesus by turning our inward gaze to Him, as if he is literally walking, sitting, driving, and working right next to us.

2. We remain alert to those around us by practicing presence instead of distraction (getting our eyes off our portable screens).

3. We follow the prompts of the Holy Spirit in the moment, trusting that what gets left off our to-do list for the day is okay—when we are following Jesus.

Listen to Luke Chapter 10 podcast to consider the Scripture and how you can make the most of your moments.

Share your thoughts: How do you make the most of your moments?

Make the most of your moments by creating a rhythm of life that helps you have the peace of mind to live in the presence:

Our souls need
a life-giving pace.
They need focus
and purpose.

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