There Is Only One Way to Enter The Kingdom: Here It Is

Will we enter the Kingdom
Playing church or religion misses the whole point of the Kingdom.

Sometimes it’s easy to confuse religious activity with a relationship with Jesus. We attend all the Bible studies, bringing chips and salsa to small group on Friday nights—but miss the point entirely.

The religious and political leaders in Jesus’ day (and even some of those in the crowds) listened to Jesus’ message about the Kingdom of God, but remained bound to their own views of kings and kingdoms.

They ate with Jesus. They sat on the hillside to listen to Jesus’ Bible study as he talked about the prophets and entering the Kingdom of God. Some of them event talked with the Son of God—but many missed the Kingdom entirely.

The door is narrow that leads into the Kingdom, Jesus pronounced the them. And in other passages of Scripture, we read that Jesus is the door—He is the way (John 10:9, 14:6).

Are we in? Or have we missed the point too?

Listen to this week’s podcast to consider the position of your own soul.

This might be the most important podcast you ever listen to.

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