How to Practice Invitational Prayer

Invitational Prayer
Connecting with God in prayer is more than a list of praises and requests, it's a relationship to be savored and a Savior to be welcomed.

Invitational prayer is a practice influenced by several monastic traditions, where we make space for God’s presence and our listening.

We want to be with God, abide with Him (John 15), not just check in with Him. As we grow to learn how to abide with God through prayer practices, we then more easily learn to walk with God throughout our day in a posture of inviting His presence into everything—as we drive, sit at a desk, or share a meal with loved ones.

This is just a guide to get you started. As you practice your own habits of prayer, the Holy Spirit will guide you.


a simple prayer guide to help you practice a way of welcoming the Spirit’s presence and work in your life

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