How to Find Freedom from Worry

How to find freedom from worry
Worry can feel like shackles in our souls, but how can we find freedom? Luke 12 offers us some help.

Our family van needs a new transmission, which will cost us more than it’s worth, so it looks like it’s time for a new-to-us vehicle.

The thought of dipping into our long-term-savings caused me such anxiety, that I literally sat in my corner chair in my office and cried for hours—completely forgetting to attend the Veteran’s program at my child’s school. I was like Martha from Luke 10—distracted, worried and anxious about so many things.

I allowed myself to become enslaved to worry.

We all fall victim to worry, whether about relationships, projects at the office, finances—you name it, we worry about it.

But what does worrying accomplish?

Fear. Doubt. Rebelliously grasping for control rather than following the Spirit.

Yep, been there time and time again.

In this week’s podcast episode, we listen to Luke 12:22–34, where we learn some things we are told not to do when it comes to worrying about provision—about having enough now and in the future.

What to NOT Do When You Are Worried:

1. Do not worry (vv. 22, 29)

2. Do not be afraid (v. 32).

3. Do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink (v. 29).

What TO DO When You Are Worried:

1. Seek His kingdom (v. 31)

2. Live generously (vv. 33–34).

Worry is a Real Problem

It’s easy to say “don’t be afraid”, but to actually live it? To not fear when the medical bills roll in from the emergency room visit and you can’t pay them? To not fret when Christmas time is here and you have no money to buy gifts for loved ones? To not worry when your savings is dwindling and you may never be able to retire?

Very real problems cause very real worry.

But there are three ways to find freedom from all kinds of worry that we learn in Luke 12.

How to Find Freedom from Worry

1. Consider what God has already done (12:24, 27).

Where have you seen His faithfulness in your life? How do you see His provision and power in creation?

2. Recognize the powerlessness of worry (12:25–26).

Worrying cannot add an hour to our lives. It only brings suffering—and bondage. Worrying puts us into the position of enslavement to fear of what is not real (it’s what we fear might happen).

3. Set your heart on the Kingdom and the King (12:31,34).

Turn your worries into worship and prayer. We can use the energy of worry, the concerns of our hearts, as fuel to seek His kingdom through prayer and worship—practicing trusting in God (and it takes willful practice!)

I Started Turning My Worry Into Prayer

I prayed for wisdom. I prayed for help. I prayed for our future if we needed to use our savings—I kept turning all the worries to prayer and then I considered all the times God provided for us when we saw no way forward. I recognized that worrying about twenty years down the road because we spend savings today is not realistic—nor helpful. And I chose to set my heart on the Kingdom, reminding my soul that God is trustworthy, even in broken down vans and future retirements.

QUESTION: What are you worried about? How can you turn those worries into prayer?

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