The Well Soul devotional podcast guides you in a moment—to drink in Scripture, reflect, and pray.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” someone said—possibly Plato, but maybe it was a woman in the middle of navigating work and all the rest of life that keeps her up until 1 am.

This podcast took shape in me (Seana) while working from home, distance educating kids during lock-down, and finishing seminary with a preschooler on my lap.

I just needed a midday moment with God (Okay, lots of them)—and I wanted a podcast that could help me connect with God in a short time before my toddler’s next “Mommy!” It was hard to find. 


I hope this podcast becomes your companion in the moments you need spiritual refreshment—whether midday or with your morning cup of coffee. 

Welcome to the Well Soul Podcast.

Seana Scott

Seana is a seminary-trained (DTS, 2021) speaker and award-winning writer with a passion to equip and inspire others toward Well Soul living through a relationship with Jesus. She writes and hosts the Well Soul Podcast.