Life is complicated. Pressures mount. Time flies. Our souls ache.

I’ve been there. 

For years I wanted to live all-in for Jesus, but I was just too tired spinning plates.

Then I discovered that living with a well soul is more than a checklist, it’s learning to walk intimately with Christ, being filled with his truth and Spirit—and pouring that out into the lives of others (John 15).

I created Well Soul Life to share this journey with you.

Together, we can grow in following Jesus and helping others do the same as an outflow of our relationships with God. 

I believe a well-soul life is rooted in:

1) Knowing God’s Word

2) Walking with God

3) Living with kingdom purpose

At WellSoulLife.com you will find resources and encouragement, including: podcasts, downloads, blogs, and more, to help you live with a well soul in a life rooted in knowing God and making him known.

At @wellsoullife on Instagram, you will find a community of others in pursuit of the Well Soul Life we find in Christ.

Welcome to the Well.

Seana Scott

Seana is a seminary-trained (DTS, 2021) speaker and award-winning writer with a passion to equip and inspire others toward Well Soul living through a relationship with Jesus. She writes resources and hosts the Well Soul Podcast.